Commercial Locksmith

Our skilled professional commercial locksmith technicians are able to give you the best in service for the most affordable price in Racine and Kenosha.

Our Commercial Locksmiths can be at your location and get you inside in a matter of minutes after you call us.  There is no reason to cancel a days work or break something like a window to get in.  Lock Dog employs many different methods to be able to get you into your business weather you are located inside an industrial building or and office.  Your losing money when you are locked out of your business.

Lock Dog Commercial Locksmiths are trained to handle all types of commercial doors and locks.

Master Key Systemscxommercial Locksmiths, Racine, Kenosha, Locksmiths

Installing a master key system allows your employees to go to the areas where they are needed in your business and keeps them from places where they are not allowed.  It also allows business owners access to all areas of their business with the use of only one key.

Commercial Lock Change and Repair

Regular repair and replacement of locks in your business will keep your locks working like new and allow maintaining security with your business.

Sometimes, Locks fail or break, it is important to replace them fast in order to protect your office.  A commercial locksmith will remove the current defective lock with the necessary tools to disassemble the locking apparatus and door knob locks.  If needed, we will adjust the holes for the new lock and install the new locking system of your choice keeping your business and its contents safe.


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